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Valkommen… Croeso… Bienvenu…

I'm Bangbay, as in  \'bαŋbαɪ\.

This is the latest incarnation of my personal Web site (née 1995).

This site has come a long way from its beginnings.

Check out my résumé, photos or fun stuff. I try to keep things up to date, but remind me if I forget.

Have fun and thanks for stopping by.

Five Days on Fiverr

A few months ago, an acquaintance told me about a site called Fiverr. She suggested that it might be a place that I would want to advertise my Web development services. I took a look at it, but I wasn’t interested in the site. The premise of the site is people offer services or products for $5. It seemed like a site for people racing to the bottom. I didn’t feel the need to cheapen my services like that.

However, a couple of weeks ago, I decided to give the site a try. I’m not exactly sure what changed my mind. It was a little curiosity mixed with boredom. Late one night, I created a gig where I advertised …