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My original intention for siboliban.org was to create a space for my family. However, I realized that the space is really only for me and I changed the format to reflect that fact. I've changed the focus of my Web site over the years, moving away from some of my sillier stuff (and coming up with other silly things) and making fan sites.

Why is this Web site .org? I just didn't want .com. Plus, the upkeep of this Web site makes me feel like a nonprofit organization…

  • Old Designs — The many incarnations of my Web site.
  • Concert Souvenirs — A collection of ticket stubs, playlists, live recordings and an essay. (Displayed as messily as I could muster. Heavy on the images – beware.)
  • FAQ — Find out how to pronounce my name, if you don't want to watch the video.

Hidden Leaf

Please download the Flash Player to view my DP reel.

One minute video about my name.